About Us

Kids Supplies LLC was established in 2014 by a busy Colorado mom. Realizing that spending hours at "big box" stores in July/August time frame to make sure that the school/teacher supply list was complete, she decided that other moms and dads must also experience the frustration she felt.

Kids Supplies LLC will provide you with the convenience of getting all your child's school supplies in one place, saving you time, money and a stress free shopping experience.

We will build your kits specifically for your child's school and grade and make sure it is complete and accurate, so that you can spend the last few days of your summer enjoying it with you child before they go back to school.

Because Kids Supplies LLC buys in bulk from the manufactures, we are able to pass down the saving to you and we will deliver to you directly or to you child's classroom.

Try Kids Supplies LLC and we will bring convenience to your door step!